TV Antennas

TV antennas receive over-the-air network TV signals for FREE from major networks such as ABC, CBS, NBC, Fox, PBS, The CW, Univision, and many more, with no subscription or monthly fees. The range of a TV antenna will vary greatly depending on the height, power, and frequency coming from the transmitting tower, as well as the height of the antenna installation, the terrain, and the number of obstacles between your home and the transmitting tower. See our Troubleshooting TV Reception page for more information.


  • ClearStream 5 Hi-VHF UHF Attic Outdoor HDTV Antenna

    ClearStream 5 Hi-VHF UHF Attic Outdoor HDTV Antenna

    Range: 65+ Miles

    This antenna represents a breakthrough in Hi-VHF antenna performance. With its uniquely tuned element and integrated diplexer, it takes on the challenge of reliable long-range, multi-directional Hi-VHF signal reception in suburban and rural areas with...

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