Johansson Smart Amplifier with Auto-Programming, 4 Inputs - KIT7474L2US

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The Johansson Smart Amplifier allows you to combine up to 4 TV antennas for Full HDTV reception. Channels broadcast on the same frequency can be amplified in and re-located to the LTE band (switchable). The Smart Amplifier scans all channels, amplifies the weak signals, while keeping the strong channels. The Smart Amplifier is programmable to relocate adjacent channels with all output channels having an equal and stable output power. Experience a fully automatic channel scan and process function upon double power start-up. Provides a fully automatic recognition of the applied channel plan. SAW filters for LTE (5G) protection on all inputs. Outdoor weatherproof mast-head housing. DC Power over coax. All ports ESD protected.


  • Model:


  • Availability:

    Usually ships within 24 hours

  • Dimensions Preamplifier:

    3.75" H x 4.4" W x 2.25" D

  • Dimensions Power Supply:

    3.5" H x 2.75" W x 1.4" D

  • Compatibility:

    Indoor / Outdoor antenna installations

  • LTE Rejection:

    5G (> CH48)

  • Channel Plan:

    VHF BIII + UHF Automatic channel plan selection

  • LTE band rejection:

    >40 dB

  • Inputs:


  • Output:


  • Output power:

    90 dBµV

  • Power Supply:

    12V / 350mA (DC over coax)

  • Operating temperature:

    -20 to +50 °C

  • Assembled Weight:

    1 lb.

  • Color:

    Dark Grey

  • Includes:

    Smart amplifier, Power supply, U.S. adapter, Wall clamp, Instructions

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