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ClearStream 1MAX UHF VHF Indoor Outdoor HDTV Antenna

Range: 40+ Miles

Our Price: $59.99
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The ClearStream 1MAX indoor/outdoor antenna has a 40+ mile range and provides crystal-clear TV signal reception in HD right out of the box. With virtually no assembly required, this antenna has a unique, integrated diplexer for reliable, multi-directional UHF and Hi-VHF reception. No other antenna can match its performance in such a compact form. Ideal for urban and suburban areas where heavy foliage or roofing materials can interfere with reception. The ClearStream 1MAX receives broadcast signals from the front and back, so you get the best TV signal no matter where your transmitter towers are located. Includes all-weather mounting hardware, adjustable mast clamp, and has a convenient keyhole for simple, low-profile wall mount indoor or outdoor installations. The included adjustable mounting hardware allows you to install the antenna on an existing mast outdoors or in an attic. 

Accessories sold separately:

A Preamplifier system will boost the TV signals and provide dependable reception to overcome signal loss related to long cable runs and the use of a splitter.

Split the signals from the antenna to multiple TVs with a Distribution Amplifier.

Add a Reflector Kit to get more range and prevent multipath interference.

Install the antenna on a Mast.

Connect your antenna to your TV using Coaxial Cable.


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20% off TV antennas and accessories + free shipping on orders over $49.99!
Use code: NOTTOOLATE20 until 12/22.