ClearStream JUICE UHF VHF TV Antenna Preamplifier System

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Whether you live in urban, suburban or rural areas, adding the ClearStream JUICE UHF and VHF Preamplifier System provides ample gain and best-in-class overload protection for dependable reception. The extra JUICE will help overcome challenges including coaxial cables over 100 ft., the use of splitters, and weak signals. Easy installation and easy to use.

Includes a low-loss power inserter, two 36 in. weather-proof coaxial cables, and 12V DC power supply. 

Helpful Tip: To determine if you need a JUICE Preamplifier, first make sure your antenna is pointed in the direction of your local broadcast towers. Connect only one TV or converter box to the antenna. Perform a channel scan using the remote control for your TV/converter box. If you are not able to receive all of your local TV stations, then there is a good chance you need a preamplifier to help boost the weak signals.


  • Model:


  • UPC:


  • Availability:

    Usually Ships in 24 Hours

  • Dimensions:

    1.4" H x 3.3" W x 2" D

  • Gain:

    17.5 dB VHF / 19 dB UHF

  • Compatibility:

    Outdoor, long-range antennas / Urban, Suburban, Rural use

  • Features:

    1.8 dB noise figure, 75 ohm F-connector input and output, All-weather design

  • Color:

    Silver, Black

  • Includes:

    2 x 36" weather-proof coaxial cables, 2 x zip ties, 12V DC power supply, High-efficiency power adapter

  • Warranty:

    90-Day Accessory Warranty

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