UHF VHF Antenna Combiner

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This all-weather antenna combiner merges the signals from a UHF antenna with a VHF antenna on the same cable. Coaxial cable sold separately.

  • DC Power Pass on UHF Port
  • Insertion loss: VHF-IN/OUT 54-88 NHz 0.5dB; 174-216 Mhz 0.5dB; UHF-IN/OUT 470-698 0.8dB
  • Return loss: IN/OUT 54-88 Mhz 18db; 174-216 18dB; 470-698 MHz 12dB
  • Return loss: VHF 54-88 18dB; 174-216 18dB
  • Return loss: UHF 470-698 12dB
  • Isolation: VHF-UHF 54-88 30dB; 174-216dB, 470-698 30dB

Helpful Tips:

The DC power pass on the UHF port allows for UHF-only amplification in special circumstances. For example, when UHF signals require amplification, but the VHF signals may not. Or your household has an existing amplified antenna, but also needs to add a separate VHF antenna that doesn't need amplification.


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  • Compatibility:

    Outdoor or attic use; RG6 and RG59 coaxial cable only (sold separately) - The enclosure will not accept larger diameter coaxial cable, such as RG11

  • Features:

    Weatherproof enclosure

  • Includes:

    Adjustable mounting hardware for masts up to 1 3/4" (4.5cm) in diameter

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