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Diplexers and Splitters

Satellite Diplexers and Splitters

Cable clutter is a common annoyance with digital television. Many peoplinstall both a TV antenna and a satellite dish to get the maximum number of channels. You can save time on installation and cut down on untidy cables with a diplexer that combines both signals in one coaxial cable and feeds them to a second diplexer behind your satellite TV receiver. Use a 2-way splitter for over-the-air and satellite signals when splitting signals to multiple TVs in your home. 

  • 5-2150Mhz Satellite Diplexer - CLEARANCE

    Diplexers are used to combine and separate satellite and antenna signals. One diplexer is used to combine the satellite and antenna cables; the other is used to split the combined signals to the television and satellite box. The low-loss diplexer uses a...

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  • 2-Way Power Pass Splitter for Over-The-Air Signals

    This high-quality 2-way power-pass splitter is used to split over-the-air signals to multiple TVs. Features a durable, long-lasting design with 1 input and 2 outputs. The diode steered, dual ground unit passes DC and IR from outputs to the...

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