ClearStream 2 RV On-The-Go UHF VHF Amplified HDTV Antenna

Range: 60+ Miles

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The ClearStream 2 RV antenna replaces your existing antenna on the RV’s elevating mast gear. Engineered to respond to a greater range of frequencies, along with a 70° beam angle to receive signals from widely-spaced broadcast towers. With a wide beam angle, you’ll receive more free TV channels everywhere you go. In addition to the unique loop technology, the reflector focuses the antenna’s power for added range and provides protection against multipath interference. The preamplifier boosts signal strength for weak signals and will ensure ample gain while maintaining low noise for clean, consistent signal performance in rural and remote areas. 



  • Model:


  • UPC:


  • Availability:

    Usually Ships in 24 Hours

  • Range:

    60+ Miles

  • Location:

    RVs, Motorhomes, Fifth Wheel Trailers

  • Style:


  • Frequency:

    Hi-VHF 174 - 216 MHz / UHF 470 - 608 MHz

  • Beam Angle:

    70-Degree Horizontal Reception Pattern

  • Peak Antenna Gain:

    UHF 10.4 dBi / Hi-VHF 3.1 dBi

  • Preamplifier Gain:

    UHF 15.4 dB / Hi-VHF 18.6 dB

  • Preamplifier Noise Figure:

    1.6 dB

  • Antenna Dimensions:

    18" L x 31.3" W x 6.5" D

  • Weight:

    2 lbs.

  • Color:

    Dark Grey

  • Includes:

    Preamplifier system with power inserter, 12V DC power supply & 2 x 36" coaxial cables, Reflector, Mast Bracket, Bumper Pad, All-weather mounting hardware

  • Warranty:

    Lifetime Antenna Warranty / 90-Day Accessory Warranty

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